Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mocha Is Dyding...

Hm..m..m My last post was about Vanilla and now it's been many months since she has passed away, I'm back to record another sad entry about Mocha.

Mocha has Wet tail, or something related to her tummy that make her poo in blood and stuff. I got DriTail from Allpet via the other day and started to feed her the drug today. I also added Vitamin to her water. She's bloated, swallen, shaken and losing balance. I've owned many hamsters so I know this is a very bad sign and she could leave me any day. Still, I hope she will be cured and stay with me for a little longer or if it's truly her time to go, I sure hope that she'll go peacefully and happily.

So far, she's been a trooper! She's eating, drinking and coming out to play with me. I picked her up, cleaning her butt and let her walked around on my bed.

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