Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vanilla Latte is dying...I think

Last week, went to Ashburn Village Animal Hospital at the mall near the house to have Vanilla checked up on her tumor. Turned out it's a cancer but the vet vaguely described as something else that may be treatable by anti-biotic at first. Somehow, I sense they're just trying to open up my 2 years old hamster for money so I refused the surgery that would cost me 800 dollars. I paid the $138 for the diagnose fees and took her home. She's tool old for surgery. Don't want thing that happened to my grandma to happen to her.

Vanilla is a fighter. She has been eating, playing, drinking and doing her normal activities ever since. Unfortunately, the tumor is not getting any smaller, in fact, it gets HUUUUUGE :'( She can't run her wheel anymore and hopping around with the giant tumor on her neck. It's so big it sucked in her right front leg causing her to be out of balance. She's not complaining. Never cry, never show any sign of pain. Still eating, hiding food, drinking, pee and poo like normal. She just physically looks TERRIBLE.

I can decide if I should just put her to sleep or not. She's not showing any sign of pain at all, instead, she's showing a WILL TO LIVE. She's fighting it. Maybe I should have her operated but she'll be cut up and the damn vet might mess her up too. She has about 6 more months to live before it comes to the end of her lifespan. I don't want her to spend 6 months hurting. (And yes, I don't want to spend $800 either! $400, maybe...)

I might make a decision against her will and take her to a vet before Pop leaves for San Diego to put her down...

I want

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