Thursday, July 15, 2010

LASIK at TLC Reston, Dr. Whitten

Pop had LASIK done today at TLC in Reston with Dr. Whitten. I left work at 11:30AM to take him to see grandma. Then Ar Tim drove us to TLC. We were there for less than an hour and all was done!

Pop had really bad allergy an hour after the operation. His eyes are not puffy, tearing and he just passed out!

Oh, and about me...
I talked to my boss, PW today about coming out of the program. I asked for GS 9/11/12 position and I asked if I can start at 9 in a higher step. I didn't tell her what step I'm aiming for but she said it's possible, need to talk to WF first. I'm hoping for Step 7 which will put me in the same salary range as GS11. I also asked to switch my hours from 9 hrs a day to 10 hrs a day. PW said I can try it out, switch back if I don't like it. She's so awesome. PW also told me that LJ is retiring next year, EM is going to Budget and WF may come back full time again. We'll learn if there is any position for me to take once WF is back at year-end.

Full of exciting news and great development today :)

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