Monday, February 08, 2010

Nov - Feb (San Diego & Blizzard of 2010)

From 2 Nov 2009 to 29 Jan 2010, Pop and I went to San Diego for my Contracts Rotation. I was trained at MCTSSA. We stayed at Residence Inn Calsbad and South Mesa Lodge, Camp Pendleton.

Came back just right on time for the 1st snow storm of 2010 (Sat 30 Jan 2010) and witness the "Blizzard of 2010" in Feb (30+ inches here in Ashburn). Another (3rd) storm is coming tomorrow, expecting 10-20 more inches...

Next trip, Pensacola FL... Leaving Tuesday 16 Feb 2010.

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おにぎりまん said...

I hate the snow now. I've been shovelling so much here in Vienna, I can't stand it!