Saturday, May 09, 2009


I always love to bake and I love cupcake and muffin.  I have 2 regular size pan and 1 mini pan that I used quite often.  I am always behind on almost any new trend and craze (except it it's internet related) so I didn't learned until last month that Frozen Yogurt is not "IN" anymore and "Hello...Cupcake!"  (Thanks to Leo and Kate)

I was planning to open a little ice treats business but Leo/Kate told me that it's not going to work and advised that cupcakes would be better.  Hell, yeah!  I bake for fun and it's my stress therapy.  I blow money on baking (bake and trash, trying to find that perfect recipe.  I am picky about my cake).  It would be nice to be able to bake for a living or at very least make some money back to recoup the cost of it.  If Pop can "draw" for a living, why can't I "bake" and earn some cash too?

Well, I'm not a great baker, just a decent one.  However, I have just the right recipes that can rival any other bakery out there.  I have to say my recipes are not original.  I've tried so many recipes and I just pick and choose what I think work (for me) and combine with my personal like and taste to create my own.  (which I have to say is "not too sweet" - crazy right?  but I really don't like sweet stuff that much)

I know I'm in line for the cut and I haven't got the answers from the two internship programs I applied for yet.  IF, I have to collect unemployment, I will seriously think about opening my own business or go into partnership with someone.  Even if I get that intern job, I will try to find a time to go after my new dream.  

Where should I start?  Jan is an expert when it comes to restaurant and Norman has great experience in operating one.  I think I'll go to them for the advice.  BUT for now, I'll keep praying that I get that internship and try to perfect my decorating skills.  I want to "WOW" the guests at Kate & Leo wedding.  That would be my first test to get my very own creations evaluated by strangers.  So far, I only feed these cupcakes to Pop and my roommies and they always love everything I made even those I thought was so aweful that I had to sneak-threw them away.  (If I didn't throw them away, they would eat them)