Friday, October 30, 2009

The right boob affair

Again, I felt a big lump in my right boobie. This time, it's bigger than before, a size of a lime, round like a golf ball. Dr. Wilder thought it's a cyst but she couldn't drain it. She even tried with both thin and thick needles (ouch!)

Finally, today I went back to RIA in Sterling, seeing the same people again. Starting with a mammogram that wasn't hurt (at all) last time, this time around, it hurt like hell. Don't know why... Not sure what was done differently. Then the ultrasound was super long and tiresome. The reason it took Bonnie so long to complete the ultrasound was because there was no large cyst there (only little ones). She wanted to make sure that nothing was missed. RIA in Sterling is great, I love everyone there. Staff are super nice, thorough, and skilled!

Dr. Thompson came concluded that the lump was just a node that is normal and I only have to keep watching it. Nothing to drain and no need to take it out.

Well, that works for me, as lonPublish Postg as it's not dangerous and won't develop into something else...

Leaving for San Diego in two days...

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