Monday, August 31, 2009

Subaru Fore Ster

After a few months of car hunting. Test driving Versa, Impreza, Something from Saturn, Mazda 3, Fit, Matrix, Ronco, CRV and Forester. Finally, we bought a 2010 Subara Fore ster today.

The story behind it is quite long (next time...)

The car is beautiful! We have never owned a brand new car before, this is our FIRST! and it's just beautiful!

Ok when I said "BOUGHT", I meaned I financed it of course :) 4.9 APR due to imperfect credit score. $5K down and the loan is for 72 mo with Chase. Our Fore ster cost us $24K and 69 cents.

Gary sold the car, John (mgr) sold the extended insurance for the tires. We think Fitzgerald at Gaithersburg is a good place to buy cars. Highly recommended!

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tak said...

whoohoo Subaru Forester! Are you going to be a soccer mom with that suv? You're not pregnant with octuplets, right? JUST KIDDING! I'm so excited for the new car, when am I going to get to ride it?