Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leaving BE for Dept of Navy

I'm leaving my job tomorrow, Monday June 15th.  It's sad but it's my decision.  I didn't get laid off like I thought I would.  Instead, I refused the offer to join PwC (buying company) and that institute regsinition.  I chose an internship program (2.5 years long) at Dept of Navy over a professional career at PwC because I always wanted to work for the government.  Though I love the hectic 15 hours workday environment at BE, I don't mind settle for a tame work schedule.  Commute is going to be hell.  I'm switching from "working from home" to a 4 hrs commute a day.

Big change!

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tak said...

Ouch! 4 hours commute? Yikes! On the other hand, you probably will be able to get outta work early all the time (government agency *wink*wink*). I don’t think I can go back and work in a government agency again…well…maybe…many holidays and generous PTOs are always awesome