Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 2 Vacation (unemployed)

Today, planned to drive to the beach with my newly reconditioned Honda Civic. This car has over 103K mile on it but still drives very well. Unfortunately, it's been RAINING all day so we didn't go far. Took the car for a test drive around Ashburn, starting from the library, Target, Pei Wei and back home to bake some low fat (if you can resist the yummy butter frosting!) blueberry cupcakes. The base recipe is from Magnolia of course. I always cut down the sugar and this time I also cut out an egg, reduced milk and added blueberry puree. I could have cut some butter too, oh well, next time. The cake came out wonderful. Super moist (a little bit too moist for my taste) and Pop loves it.

I looked at the weather forecast and it's pretty DEPRESSING. It even rains in Pensacola Florida, grr..r I wonder if I'll get to spend a few nights at the beach before I start my new job 1st week of July.

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tak said...

It looks even more appetizing now that you mentioned the "low fat, low sugar" part. I'll come and get mine in August!!!!