Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1st Day of Vacation (unemployed)

Pop Eating Thai Coconut Icecream Bar

Pop's new RC Heli from amazon

My book delivered from amazon.com

Me by myself on W&OD trail, I left Pop behind

Pop, catching up with me on W&OD Trail

Me at Wat Yarn in Sterling

Pop at Ashburn Kiddy Pool

Me chillin in the backyard, watching busy sky

Today is my 1st day of my vacation, my officially unemployed weeks. I start my new job 1st week of July, so it's going to be just a couple of weeks break.

Today, I planned to sleep in but I couldn't. I woke up, checked work email, backing up Outlook and decided to stop messing around with my work laptop. I have to return this baby back to the office soon. (Dell Latitude is a nice laptop!) I still need to back up my hard drive before turning it in.

Since I don't have to work, I went for a bike ride in the morning with Pop. We went to Wat Yarn in Sterling via W&OD trail. Monks weren't there so we just paid respects to all buddha statues and donated some money in the donation box. We picked up some Thai groceries from the store next door then headed to the Kiddy pool next to the house. We played in the pool for only a little bit because the rain started to fall. We rode back home, grabbed lunch and sat outside in the backyard watching airplanes flying across the sky. The sky was busy. I took some pictures.

Before we engaged in our outdoor activities, we dropped off the car in the morning at Gemini (Virginia Tire and Auto) and just picked it up around 7PM. The guy said they would have it for us at 5PM but it didn't happened. I got my Honda Civic renewed, inspected and it's as good as new! (Paid $1,700 after $300 discount) We planned to go to the beach since yesterday; hence, putting the car in for a good make-over!

Maybe we'll go to the beach tomorrow. Pop passed out next to me right now, tired from spinning all day. I don't feel tired at all, just a little full from dinner and a little "blank inside" still...

Oh, Amazon delivered my CUPCAKES book and Pop's RC Helicopper today!

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