Monday, May 18, 2009

Meatless Sunday, day 3

Well, I wanted to run but I couldn't do it today because I was so tired and fell asleep at the end of the day.   Today I woke up around 9AM (too early for Sunday!  I normally sleep until PM) to go to WAT YARN with Pop and grandma.  I brought in 200 eggs and fulfill my commitment.

I got back home in ther afternoon and cleaned up the kitchen a little, then I started to do a laundry and fell asleep.  I finished three loads of laundry but I didn't feel like running today.  I wanted to run everyday for at least a mile (or until I break sweat) but I think I won't be able to make it on Sunday.  

Sunday is my "Meatless" day.  It's an extreme commitment I made to Guan Yin Bodhisattva (เจ้าแม่กวนอิม).  I wished for a cancer-free breast tumor and it was granted (turned  out to be just a liquid filled cyst).  I thought wishing for something that important (life threathening situation) I better commit in doing something really big.  Turning vegetarian on my Birth Day (Sunday) was the promise I made.  It's to respect Guan Yin Bodhisattva and to make me eat more veggies :)

Well, I think I have "Meat Withdrawal" for sure.  I love meat (especially BEEF!) so today, I feel like I don't get enough nutrition.  It's my 3rd Meatless Sunday already though.  Fightoh Fightoh!

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tak said...

Wow! that’s a big meatless commitment. Meatless Sunday sounds super awesome! I’ve never done anything like that. Although when I really think about it, I barely eat meat anyway. Especially I’m sorta picky about my meat (consume beef but I don’t like cooking with it prevents me of eating it often, except when I go out), or the fact that I mostly eat white meat chicken because some restaurants cook dark meat chicken funny. So I think it’s the thought having to avoid meat that would make me go crazy.

Breast tumor? What? When? How? Was this when you had the surgery? I remember that but I wasn’t sure what that surgery was for. Sorry I sometimes didn’t catch on to every entries of yours. Fortunately it isn’t a breast cancer. Does it still bugs you or any after-effects? Take care na ka. I’ll see you in few days! Don’t forget to call me!!!! Did I already give you my number?