Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bad News. No severance & PTO Pay out.

What a bad news...

Due to motion filing, court will decide 5/20 either my company can pay their laid-off employees serverance benefit and PTO pay out or not. Those who are laid off or quit prior to 5/20 are covered under the old policy. Today is my mentor's last day, lucky her!

I have a feeling I'll lose about $8K from severance pay, PTO pay and Bonus (that I was promised but would never be seen) I am pretty sure I'll be on the lay-off list next week after they kill all the benefits, Bummer!

Should I quit on Monday (5/18) so I can at least get my PTO paid out and forget about the severance and promised bonus?

Grr...r..r How can they do this to me? I worked so hard, did not take days off and illegally put in 8 hrs on my timesheet when I actually worked 1.5 time. I have 4 weeks of PTO that are going to be stolen from me. I understand the creditors' feeling too so I'm not mad at them. I'm mad at the leadership of this company who poorly managed the busienss and drove such a great company down to the ground. Sh00t!

Now I'm praying very very very hard that I'll be laid off by Tuesday! Maybe boss will call me up on Monday to say my last day at work will be Tue 5/19 and I can walk away with severance ay and PTO. Yeah! I'm a dreamer, I know...

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