Thursday, April 09, 2009


Yesterday must be like hell for my mom. It was the day my little brother went for military draft. On top of that, grandma got sick and was hospitalized.

Luckily, we have a super care taker who does a fantastic job looking after grandma. While mom was with my brother, dealing with the draft thing, P'Meow was at the hospital checking grandma in.

At the end of the day, grandma was released and my brother didn't get enlisted. Though there was this anti-government movement blocking the road and grandma along with the care taker were stuck at the hospital. I hope both of them are home safe and sound by now... I'll call to check on them again tonight.

11PM: called mom to see if she reached the hospital alright. turned out that she got there ok but the doctor said grandma needs to be monitored for another day or so. grandma is still in the hospital until the "big" doctor will come by and give her a good look. Yesterday it was some med student at the hospital that said there was nothing wrong with her and she could come home.

I'm still praying...all for grandma now.

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KiTtY said...

Hope your grandma alright na ka.

tak said...

Hope there isn't anything serious na ka.

hellogolfy said...

Thx ja !!! :)

grandma is home now. she drove my mom crazy but she's feeling better now after a few days of 18 hrs sleep/day. (I know...lots of sleep!)