Monday, April 27, 2009

All done! The Cyst is gone...

Wow, what a great morning I just had...

7:40am: Woke up late. My doctor appointment is from 8:30pm (ultrasound), 9:30am (Mammogram) and 1:30pm (Cyst Aspiration). I was supposed to be there by 8:00am but I forgot

7:50am: Ran out the door and got to Radiology Imaging Associates in Sterling at 8:10am. It was a little hard to find and I parked at the wrong building (bldg#2) but just a short walk to RIA (bldg# 4)

8:10am: Checked in, filled out only a couple sheets of paper (most of them were prefilled with my info. already!)

8:30am: Got called in for Mammogram first, did 4 images and the precedure was so quick and dare I say "PAINLESS". No pain AT ALL, just a little pressure that did not cause any pain or uncomfort. I was lucky, the Mammogram technician was very good. She didn't push down that plate too far, just the right position where she could get the clear image and did not treathen my boobs. I love her! So sad I fogot to catch her name though. She's a small lady, possibly mixed Latino with long dirty blonde hair. Young and cute.

I was sent to the patient waiting room in my pink top and only a couple of minutes later, I was called for an Ultrasound (Martha was the technicial). I took a break again after the ultrasound and a few minutes later, I got called back in for Cyst Aspiration!

The most uncomfortable precedure today was the Cyst Aspiration. That does hurt and uncomfortable but it was quite quick (5 minutes?) and Dr. Thomas drained out 5.5cc of fluid from my cyst. My right boob was then sealed and wrapped with an elastic band to stop the blood. Martha is sending in my fluid for some lap test...

Dr. Thomas sent me in for another mammogram after the Aspiration. Then I was sent home. Martha asked me to call back tomorrow for follow up and Dr. Thomas asked me to come back for a follow up Mammogram in 6 months. They told me to take the rest of the day off, and don't lift anything. I heard from several doctors and patients now that partially, the cause of cyst is caffeine. Coffee and Soda! Hm..m I don't drink that much coffee and I quit drinking soda now (addicted to Vita Coco instead)

I walked out of the door at around 9:40am and I got home at 10am. WOW! I thought I was going to spend my entire day at RIA!

Oh, RIA has free WiFi too. What a great facility. I would recommend it for anyone needing Mammogram because the technician and the machine were really great!

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