Friday, April 24, 2009

2nd Opinion

So, I went to see Doctor Wilson (OB/GYN) today and she gave me a sample pack of "Loestrin24Fe" to try out. I'll start it on May 3rd. She also wrote me a referral for Hysterosalpingogram. I called Women's Imaging Ctr at Reston to schedule an appointment and get yelled at by the lady on the phone. She said I need to wait until Lupron lost its effect, well, maybe next month?

So Dr. Wilson exam my boob and she second Dr. Wilder that it doesn't feel like cancer. However, she think it might be a fibroid rather than a liquid filled cyst. We'll learn more about it once I get my tests done on Monday.

Monday Tests are include:
* Ultrasound
* Mammogram
* Cyst Aspiration

Happy Friday! This is a better Friday for me than last week. I've got a call from Gary at the US Navy telling me that I'm in for a final round of the internship program that I applied for. It started from 240 qualified applicants and now down to 14. Only 7 will be selected and I'm praying very very hard to be one of the 7!

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