Monday, April 20, 2009

1st Look - a cyst

Went to see Dr. Jennifer Wilder today to get my first boob check! She said it's more likely to be a cyst and ordered an ultrasound.

WRA (her 1st choice) book me down for April 29th. That's 9 days from today, yikes!

I asked my doctor if I can use someone else 'cuz I hate to wait that long and she gave me a couple more places to call. RIA in Lansdowne said they can take me in Thursday morning, April 23rd but asked that I also do a Mammogram along with ultrasound. Well, I'm not so sure about I sent my doctor an email asking her to fax me my new referral and add Mammogram to the order as she sees fit.

personally, I want to skip it because I hate getting my boobs pressed into a pancake. Though I heard that there is a new type of machine that can obtain good image with our flattening your boobs anymore. I wonder if RIA is using it. I wonder...

Tomorrow I will follow up with Dr. Wilder for the new referral, call RIA back for immediate appointment and Friday, I go see Dr. Wilson for a post surgery, post Lupron follow up.


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