Monday, January 26, 2009

RIP Munchiez

My Munchie died today :( This time is for real...

She survived a giant tumor a few months ago and seem to be doint well afterward. However, she's been sick for the pass couple of days from Wet tail. None of my hamsters ever survived wet tail despite heavy dose of antibiotic. Munchie had the same problem and she's gone in a couple of day.

Pop and I buried her in the back yard underneath our deck. It took a while to dig up the cold soil to make a nice comfy underground bed for her. Munchie looked cute in her eternal sleep. She didn't suffer before she went. I'm glad...

I've got her as a b-day gift in November 2007. I can't believe I only had her for less than 2 years. It seems longer. She's one of my most favorite hamsters.

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