Thursday, November 06, 2008


I ordered Victoria Secret's sweaters and underwear a couple of days ago and they're shipped FAST! Today, I tracked my package (UPS) and it showed as "DELIVERED LEFT AT FRONT PORCH" 3:30PM ... Mkay ... but instead of my VS box, I've got a "DRUGSTORE.COM" box with somebody else name and address on it instead. And whoever received my package, has not yet drop it off in front of my door yet. Maybe they're busy? Maybe they came home late? Maybe...I don't know.

This box should have been shipped to the next street neighbor not dropped in front of my door! My roommate brought it in and I didn't see it until late tonight. And where is my package? Did the USP guys dropped off my package in front of that person's door? Package swab game?

I called the UPS customer service number but was putting on hold for a long time, so I dropped the call. I tried to report "LOST PACKAGE" on their website, they said my package can't be reported lost at this time (WTF? WHY?)

Tomorrow, I am going to try to find a time to call them again. I will also drop off this package to the person who ordered it.

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