Thursday, November 06, 2008

UPS really sucks

Called UPS again this morning, they're coming out to pick up the package that the dropped off in front of my door which does not belong to me! For my package, they said they can't trace it but Victoria's Secret has to call UPS to get a trace done. Damn you, UPS!

The UPS guy came over to pick up the box that belong to Sherri (she lives next block down). We asked for our package and the guy said he has no clue but he know who delivered these packages yesterday at 3PM. He didn't tell us who it was but kept smiling...I bet it's him. Asshole!

So I called VS customer service and explained the situation to them. They placed a new order for me for the same stuff and will investigate the lost package with UPS. I forgot to ask which carrier they're going to be using this time...

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Tak said...

I hate UPS too! They can never get in my gated complex (but other carriers can...I dunno why) so I always had to pick it up, what a shame for a carrier.

Tak said...'s time to update your blog. Where are youuuuuuuuuuu. Take a good care of yourself :)