Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nikon D80

Pop tried to surprise with a HUGE birthday present ever - a new camera Nikon D90.  I mentioned to him that Thana has a Nikon SLR and I really like it, since then, he's been trying to get me one.

Pop ordered D90 through his cousin who works at Circuit City.  The camera is about $1,000 with starter lens but must be ordered via manufacture.  Pop cancelled it however due to major shipment delay and hassle with payment method.  He gave up and told me to get on ebay and pick my own camera (aka buy my own present!)

Well, I did!  I bought myself a Nikon camera package.  Not D90 though because I do not need video.  I settled for a cheaper model, D80 for about $800 with 10% ebay/paypal coupon.

The camera was shipped earlier today and will be in my hands on Friday via FedEx.  I'm sooooooooooooo excited!  I've never own an expensive camera before, I'm nervous!

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no-i said...

I want a new DSLR TOO!!!!!!!!

hehe. but yah. i'm kinda broke right now, and will be out of job in less than a month, so I guess a new toy is not a good idea right now. :$