Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big Present!

Pop ordered a BIG b-day + xmas present for me yesterday. It supposed to be a surprise but he was afraid that I wouldn't like it so he let me choose.

Between Nikon D80 and D90

I don't care for expensive camera, I just want a DSLR camera. Any brand...any model.

Pop wanted me to have the best thiing he can (or can't) afford so he pushed for D90, the newer model. It cost a GRAND.

Pond is ordering it from a manufacturer (he's working for CC) so we get it a little cheaper than street price. However, it won't be shipped until next month...and after my surgery. bleh...I can only sleep with it and not using it then. Lame...

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GOlfy said...

Pop canceled D90 today due to some complication of ordering it through manufacturer through an cousin who is an employee or circuit city...and stuff.

Oh well, that's good! I think D90 is too expensive and video wasn't that great of quality.

I ordered D80 package deal from ebay today (getitdigital) for 800 choi after 10% off coupon, hooray!