Friday, September 26, 2008

Short Term Disabilities

Things are looking good. Got a call and letter that my surgery will be covered 100% and co-pay for hospital is only $100 for the entire stay. I am approved for ONE night only (I do wish I only have to be there for 1 night !!!) but if I need to stay longer, my doctor will submit a request to Cigna for me.

I also just talked to HR Rep about my STD (Short Term Disabilities) benefit. I am eligible to take time off for recovery under STD. I'll be receiving 66% of my regular pay. There is a 1 week waiting period so I will need to use my PTO hours for the first week.

Well, the MESS UP part is that starting January 2009, the STD benefit will be increased from 66% to 100%! Damn! Should I postpone my surgery into January 2009 so I get paid in full from the new STD benefit? I've already scheduled everything to include mom's flights and her time off from work. Well, it's going to be about $3K increase (the additional 34%) for the time I'm planning to stay in bed. I think I'll let it go.

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jerjonji said...

when are you having this done???? my preayers are with you.

NNN said...

fighto! p'golfy