Friday, September 12, 2008

lots of tea

I bought some tea from a week ago and finally, one of the orders has arrived. I think I need a rehab from Oniomania, AKA compulsive shopping. I've been buying a lot of crap unconciously. Everyday, I will go online and trying to buy something.

Like these...tea bags. Apparently, I've order 24 boxes of PG Tips pyramid tea bags from amazon. I don't remember doing it. I might have bought them in my SLEEP! Grr...r this is bad. Luckily they're on sale.

Each box contains 40 bags and they're best before 06/2010.

24 boxes * 40 bags = 960 tea bags

I have 20.5 months, approximately 615 days left to use them before they go bad. Then I need to use 1.5 bag per day. How's that gonna work out (O_o; ... confused, too much TEA!

If I'm trying to give you a box of English tea when I see you - you know why...

2 (o_O; ~!? comments:

jerjonji said...

that's a heck of a lot of tea!!! i suggest you give for christmas gifts to everyone you know- the mail man, the ups man... :)

mink said...

Praaa~~~~ think before act ><