Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

It's Labor Day; therefore, labor has a day off! I'm one of many American labors who is so lucky to have a day off for our 12 months worth of hard work. I did mention this before...but I'll say it again. There is so very little Holidays in America! Geez...8 days per year? For the love of god..!

Anyway, I'm NOT complaining (no, not at all) and I really enjoyed spending my Monday outside of my room today.

We actually did the whole Labor Day Weekend with A1 and A2. Saturday, we went camping at Westmoreland State Park. It was awesome and was my 1st camping experience. Sunday we came back home and ... crashed. Monday, we played Tennis and Hung out at the pool.

Summer is going away from sure. Taylors' pool is closing and I believe our pools at all location are also closing up (outdoor ones). We can still play tennis and ride our bikes though. Too bad I just ordered a whole bunch of new swimsuits but won't have a chance to wear them (well, because it's end of the season, they're on sale for like 80% off!).

I'll be riding my bike more this month and probably up until I'm going in for surgery in November.

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Tak said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the holidays! Geezzz...who do we have to talk to to get more of those around here!

You Labor Day sounds like load of fun! I actually slept through the whole 3-day weekend b/c of stupid heat rashes so I wasn't able to go out in the

Surgery? What? Again? When? Why?