Friday, August 22, 2008

To-Do this weekend

Golf's List:
1. Find Aerobed for next week camping trip
2. Start putting unwanted stuff on ebay
3. Mail Laurrett her Omamori back
4. Mail Something to Someone in NM
5. Call Kate

Pop's List:
1. DRAW!
2. DRAW!
3. DRAW!
4. DRAW!
5. DRAW!

2 (o_O; ~!? comments:

Anonymous said...

1. Didn't find it so bought it.
2. Didn't find it
3. Didn't ship it
4. Didn't ship it
5. Didn't call

jerjonji said...

what is that number 4??? *big grin at the thought!!!!* i can't wait to be closer! we've decided if the house doesn't sell by the middle of october, we'd look at renting it... so i might be closer to you by the end of november!!!!!!!!!!