Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tennis like a PRO

Taylors came over with Janet (Allison's mommy) for a tennis game today. The Pavilion was so packed due to a tournament (mini mini one) so we went over to Shane's court on Matchpoint. There was a couple there playing, leaving one court opened for us. They left 10 minutes after we got in beause we bothered them too much (we kept hitting the balls into their court, so sorry so sorry - newbies here)

Well, so we have the entire place for ourselves. Today we started to count points and played with rules. It was fun and we have improved so much. Pop needed to learn how to serve properly though, he's really really bad at that.

After the game, we went over to SUBWAY for lunch. I ordered "Spicy Italian on 1 foot long cheese bread" Oh gawd, it's huge, it's greeeeeasy and it's yummy! I ate 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner, all for only $5.00 !!!

After lunch, we played some Wii Sports (Bowling) and hopped over to Sports Authority for some camping gears. We used up our 25% OFF coupons today with several items. (Tent, Sleeping bag, and tarps). We split up with the Taylors team here and headed to Circuit City to return the laptop. There, Pop picked up a pair of "Open Box" speakers (Jansen) for $28 and I picked up a new GPS for my car for $180 (MIO Moov 310). We also dropped by TARGET for some smoothies before heading home. tired but it was a fun day. I couldn't believe I ate the entire food long Spicy Italian subway sub though. That was huge and GRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEASY!

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Golfy said...

SUNDAY: Played tennis with Taylors again, this time in Leesburg. Then hung out by the pool until it's burn.