Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Toshiba Laptop

I left my awesome Dell with mom in Thailand, so I've been using Pop's Toshiba Tablet laptop for a while until I broke it last night. Yeah...the battery won't charge anymore because the connector became very lose.

First I thought it's time to switch to apple and I do like Macbook ... air. Pop is totally against it and tried to get me another Dell laptop. I've been ignoring his offers for quite sometime.

Today, we went to Office Depot in Sterling just to walk around. We saw a Toshiba laptop (L305-S5877) on sale for $599 after rebate and think it's a good price. I only use my laptop mainly for internet now so I don't need a super awesome one. We decided to pick it up. I was hoping that the charger will fit into the old Tablet Toshiba but it's not. Well, Pop said he's pretty sure that the computer is broken not the power chord.

Circuit City has the same laptop on sale for the same price with NO Rebate needed. I might return this laptop to Office Depot with its "14 days return policy". Office Depot doesn't charge restocking fee for open box laptop as long as everything is returned in its original box within 14 days, open or unopen.

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Anonymous said...

Found a better model (S5885) at Circuit city (more hard drive, different wireless card) for the same price $599 with NO rebate. So we went ahead and pick it up from Circuit city and planning to return the S5877 to Office Depot.

THEN, saw a GATEWAY laptop at Bestbuy (online via slickdeals) with exact same spec except for bigger memory (4GB on Gateway, 3GB on Toshiba), so I'm going to pick Gateway and return both Toshiba to the stores, muahahahahahahah