Saturday, August 09, 2008

New Ringtone

I made a new MP3 ringtone today. I love going to Youtube to check out different renditions of "Pachibel's Canon D" My favorites have to be FUNTWO & JERRYC Version.

*FUNTOW's 47M+ Views (as of today) Video
*JERRYC's Canon Rock
*JERRYC Performed LIVE (The Violin back up is very cute!)

*FUNTWO's Interview
*JERRYC's in TV Show

How to convert Youtube Flash (fla) Video to an MP3 ringtone online:

1. Enter Video URL into the Online Flash video conversion tool at

2. Download the MP3 output file from Sometime I can't save the entire MP3 file for some stupid computer reason. (It will only save the first 10 seconds). I had to do "File - Open" instead of "Save As", then the entire MP3 will open up in Media Player. I can then, save it from Media Player into my hard drive...full version.

At this point, I would just transfer the MP3 file into my memory card if I still have my nokia. I can use any file on my nokia phone for wallpaper and ringtone. Unfortunately, now that I have a Samsung, it won't let me pull anything from memory card and forced me to copy the file into my phone memory first. I only have like...5MB of space on the phone so I have to CROP the mp3 file down to only 25 seconds for rintone use. (around 300 KB)

3. To crop an mp3 file, go to and use their awesome ringtone maker to crop the MP3 file to about 25 seconds.

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