Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New laptop - Gateway t-6836

It's crazy, I bought THREE laptops in TWO DAYS.

* Yesterday I bought a Toshiba Laptop S5877 $599 (after MIR) + taxes from Office Depot.
* This morning, I bought a Toshiba Laptop S5885 $599 + taxes from Circuit City. It's the same as S5875 but with bigger hard drive and different wireless card
* This evening, I bought a Gateway Laptop T6836 $599 + taxes from Bestbuy. It's a smaller screen (14 inch vice 15 inch) which I like and bigger RAM (4 GB vice 3 GB). It also has better review.

The girl at Bestbuy swiped our card twice today (first time was an error), so it looked like we tried to buy 4 laptops withing 48 hours. The 4th time Citi didn't authorize the purchase and we had to call in to verify our purchase (good security!)

So, right now I have TWO laptops sitting in my house. The Toshiba S5877 is still in the box, unopened. I'll return that to Circuit city tomorrow (14 days return policy). I love this new 14 days open box return policy with no restocking fee.

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