Friday, August 29, 2008

New Camera, Fuji Finepix Z20fd

I bought a new camera! A few months ago, I picked up a Kodak HD but didn't like it and left it in Thailand for mom. I've been using my old Fuji F10 and still loving it! However, I lost the charging cable :( and my battery has run out of juice. It has been sitting on my desk for several weeks now. Poor thing.

Pop and I have been looking for the charger with no luck. (It's in the house...somewhere) Tomorrow is our camping trip and I still can't find the stupid charging cable. I decided to pick up a new Fuji Finepix from Circuit city, it's on sale for $150 ;)

Meet my new camera, Fuji Finepix Z20fd. While it's newer, it's not a better camera compare to my F10. Z20fd made from plastic in China and F10 made from metal in Japan. I haven't started using it yet (still charging the battery which is not the same as the one used in F10). Though it is cheaply made, I don't mind much for it's being so light and slim :)
Taylors stopped by for a quick jamming session in the evening. I picked up a new SD card for my new camera at Circuit City in Leesburg. All SD memory cards are on sale. I was going to pick up the regular 4GB card for $20 but the Ultra II kind was also on sale at $30. Surprisingly, I was willing to add $10 to my initial budget for faster speed. I didn't know that the same card was sold for over $200, two years ago.
Camping is ON for tomorrow, it's also ALAN's birthday. I should find him a gift.

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Tak said...

Whoo hoo! New camera...that's always exciting (for me at least, lol). Have fun at your camping trip! It sounds like so much fun already!

btw. my blog password is number 0 (if you ever need to get in :)