Friday, August 08, 2008

The Deadliner

My job title should be changed to "The Deadliner" - one who whose job is to make the deadlines. I'm working long long hours all year round to meet multiple deadlines monthly!...that's so freaken stressful. I can't even deal with the "YEARLY" tax filing but I "have" to deal with work deadlines everymonth! I want a more laid-back work environment. A predictable work schedule. My mind and body are ready to quit now, have been ready actually ... but my bank account disagree. It still needs the monthly cash feed for bills, mortgage and other stuff :(

Last night I just made July-closing deadline. Today I have a little free time to take lunch (hence, writing this post now). I'm going out with the Taylors to see Batman tonight. We'll have dinner at our place afterward. Pop has been preparing some BBQ Pork with rice. (Khao Moo Daeng). I think I make some plain clear soup to go with it. This weekend, hopefully I can find sometime to go ride my bike and play tennis. Jeri said I'm naughty like a monkey (no she didn't say that...) and I'm not supposed to be too active with only 6 units of blood in my body. Iron pills are working great though, I don't eat ice like I used to anymore. The weakness is still there but I'm already used to it. My spirit is very high..!

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