Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camping plan

Allison booked a camp site for two tents at Westmoreland State Park for next Saturday. It's going to be my first camping ever (well, exclude the school campings I've done in Thailand)

We bought our first tent a week or so ago when Sportsauthority gave out the 25% off coupon. Our tent is cheap (almost $40 with taxes), generic store branded, but it's a good start for a new camper and only 1 night. We bought a pair of sleeping bags too. Now, I need to look for my old aerobed. I've got two of those handy things kept away somewhere...

We're going to miss the labor day block party on Sunday though. That really suck because Mike and Amani always throw awesome party (especially when it's involved the entire neighborhood). Maybe we'll be back before the party is over.

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