Monday, August 11, 2008

Another hamster dead

My DS (down syndrome) Robo hamster is dead this morning. She's been sick for a few weeks now. Maybe she has been sick sicne we got her. She is her dead sister replacement. Turned out that she went through exactly the same thing (wet tail). I noticed her wet tail a couple weeks ago but I thought it was blood from fighting with her Fat sister. The DS girl was very small but she was very active and ate a lot. No sign of illness beside the wet tail. Just last night that I found her laying still (not climbing her cage anymore) having problem with breathing.

The other hamster we've got is still fat, healthy, naughty and cute as usual. She's so strong she didn't get wet tail from her two sisters at all.

Funeral will be held later on today, I'll bury her in our family hamsters graveyard.

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Lil Angel said...

i am so sorry.
today my mom found my hamster dead and i was on my way to knots and it ruined my whole trip.
tonight i went to tell her sister and wen i picked her up all i felt was bones with skin on her. She is bleeding from her private area and one of her eyes is sleeled shut and the other is almost. I dont want to lose her. She is almost my life. We r calling and possibly taking her to the vets in the morning if its not too late.
im sorry that happend to your hamster as well.