Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bloggie.com server moved

I've been with ATLNETWORKS for quite sometime. I think they do not manage their server anymore though, their website is gone. I changed DNS to godaddy server now and started a new blog. I am planning to continue using Wordpress since I have database that I can restore back to blog archive; however, I want to give blogger.com a shot. I've been blogging with blogger since 2000, before I was introduced to Greymatter and Wordpress. Now that google owns it, I think it's pretty cool to keep my data on their server. I trust godaddy server too but for now, I'm going to go with blogger.

Oh, for the final post I did on the old server before the switch, it was titled "Bad News" and protected. I protected it because I wrote everything in detail and it's about my health condition. Another bad news was about my new Robo hamster. She died at petco from wet tail and didn't make it to the vet the following morning :(

I am in a preperation for a surgery which will happen at the end of the year. There are a few bad things that I need to get rid of but I'm not in a condition to do so until my iron level is restored and control. (I'm anemic) I'm scared, it's going to be my 1st surgery ever.

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jerjonji said...

i think i just need to call you!!!!